Newness is Near

Some days are harder than others. 

Maybe you wake up late, maybe you lose your temper, maybe you spill your coffee, or get stuck behind too many red lights on your way to work. 

Whatever it is, some days you just get sideways. 

Maybe it’s a longer-term issue: maybe it’s a chronic illness, or sadness, or pain that just will not go away. Maybe it’s an ongoing addiction or struggle or cycle that you just cannot seem to break free from. 

Whatever it is, some days are just difficult. 

And when you feel those walls close in, or you feel yourself start to get out of wack, when you begin to feel your center begin to sway and dissipate, it is very, very easy to just go with that feeling, and to resign yourself to the “fact” that “this is the way it will be today.”

But that’s not necessarily true. 

Deep inside your mind, you know that faith and spirituality and life with this God is very much centered around “newness.” From an Exodus escape story of slaves to a baby born to Joseph and Mary, newness and innovation seem to be part of this God’s DNA, part of his method of operations. At one point in his story, he even flat out tells his people (in the middle of one of the darkest parts of their collective story), “Something new is happening, even now it is springing up.” 

This newness should serve as a reminder to you that some days actually do NOT have to twist you sideways and bring you down. Regardless of your morning, or your week, or your year, newness is always JUST RIGHT THERE. 

In fact, it’s really already present with you, inside your heart. 

Start with remembering the reality of the story of the God of newness. Receive it without skepticism, and choose to believe it. Then follow from there.