Newness, Part Two

A flip side of “newness”, and life with the God of the New, is that this newness is also meant to challenge the status quo. 

It doesn’t always have to ELIMINATE or DESTROY the present, but the very essence of “new” contrasts with “old”. 

As loving and adventurous and embracing as God is, He is also challenging. 

Mostly because you seem to have a preference for status quo, for stasis, for solid ground and comfort. 

Even this season right now—“Advent”, or waiting and anticipating the arrival of Jesus into the world—should be a time of asking yourself, “Where in my life do I prefer the old and the established?” 

Life constantly entraps you in cycles of consumerism, nationalism, violence, desire, and destructive self-centered living.

Life constantly entraps you in these cycles and convinces you that “this is the way the world works,” and it is important to admit to yourself THAT SOME PART OF YOU FINDS THIS COMFORTING. 

Then let the God of the new speak to that part. 

What cycle does God want to break you out of? Where does He desire your escape? 

Don’t be deceived, the old is not the way of salvation. The in-breaking, the new word, the new song, break with the past, this is the embrace to receive.