What is truly possible in your life? 

What new thing could happen? 

It will always be tempting—easy, even—to fall into complacency about your journey. There are things, damaged goods and broken toys, that have accompanied you for seemingly your whole life. You’ve asked yourself repeatedly, “When will I be free from these?” and then that question often leads you to another, more troubling one: “WILL I ever be free from these?”

After so many years, it is understandable that you would look on newness and possibility with a cynical, pessimistic eye. 

And yet…

And yet Advent—these weeks of contemplating, anticipating, and waiting for God’s incarnate presence on Earth—is truly about the unexpected surprise of possibility. 

Something NEW enters our world. 

And newness always changes the rules of the game. The old ways no longer quite apply; paradigms change, and equilibrium is moved. 

So regardless of how long you have struggled, regardless of the mountain of disappointment and the sea of cynicism, Advent—and the Christmas that follows—is a reminder that NEW is always possible. 

How can you look towards newness today? How can you embrace the potentially unheard of innovation in your life? 

Behold the light is coming.