Compassion and Guidance

Early in Luke’s Good News story, he records the following words of a man named Zechariah, a beautiful poem/song of what is happening in the world: 

“Because of our God’s deep compassion,
the dawn from heaven will break upon us,
to give light to those who are sitting in darkness
and in the shadow of death,
to guide us on the path of peace.”

Sometimes you need to get back in touch with the essentials, the simplicity of the spiritual life. Someone once said, “Give me the simplicity on the other side of complexity,” and on the other side of the complexity… 

… on the other side of all the doctrine

… all the denominations

… all the debates

… all the division and political factions

… on the other side of all that is the simple clear reminder of the Good News (when it really is “good news”): 

Out of God’s deep compassion, He is shining light onto the world, lighting it up. 

In the midst of our struggles, our challenges, our limitations, our brokenness and weakness, there is LIGHT. 

Light gives warmth, gives security, and—as the song/poem reminds you—guides you on the path… 

… of PEACE. 

On the other side of the all the complexity today, remember that God, the great compassionate Mystery of the universe is shining ON you, ALL AROUND you, and THROUGH you, and is present WITH you to guide you on the path of peace. 

Not anxiety, but peace. 

Not hatred, but peace. 

Not fear, but peace. 

Not insecurity, but peace. 

Compassion and guidance.