Paradox in Growth

As you grow and heal, you actually experience MORE pain in your life, not less.

Most of the time, this is because you are more aware. We have a great and pervasive tendency to avoid any kind of suffering at all costs, and over time we become numb to the suffering that is actually NECESSARY in order for us to remain (or become) aware of our deep need for God.

But when you start to heal, your eyes are opened, and you start to see life more clearly. This includes the beauty and joy of life, but it also includes the pain and suffering, including your own.

This seems counter-intuitive, because you may have signed up for spirituality believing that it was a way to ELIMINATE suffering in your life, when ACTUALLY it’s not about ELIMINATING suffering, but rather redeeming it and giving it MEANING.

Which is about learning, and growing, and inviting God into it, being aware that He is intimately connected to it (probably more than you are!), and wants to give it meaning.

So don’t be surprised or shocked by increased feelings of pain, loneliness, frustration. Feel them, but invite God into them, and ask what these great teachers are trying to teach you.