Right Here, Right Now

You constantly lean towards the temptation to think that God is waiting until you are somehow different to work through you and in you.

There seems to be something inherently human in this thought: that you need to be better than you are RIGHT NOW in order to experience the transcendent, to receive and give grace, to do the work of God in the world.

That’s simply not true.

The life that God wants to use is the life you have RIGHT NOW. Wherever you are at.

YOUR thoughts (however scrambled).

YOUR gifts (however odd or marginal).

YOUR resources (however limited).

YOUR area of influence (however far from “sacred”.)

Part of Jesus Christ’s life and teaching was dedicated to show people that they no longer needed a “Temple”: God’s presence was available ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

It’s odd that we still want to think of God as present “OUT THERE”.

He is right here, right now, and all He is asking is what will you do in response.

Start with what you’ve been given. In all your struggles, and in all your limitations. That’s all He asks.