Faith and Curiosity

It is actually quite easy to confuse “faith” with any number of alternatives.

For instance, you have often in the past sought out new perspectives on the practice of faith: from church history, to different faith traditions, to new perspectives on prayer and practice.

These are actually GOOD things: they have expanded your horizons, and definitely “born fruit” in your life.

But it’s important to monitor that the drive for the new and innovative in your life does not come to pass for a vital faith.

Think of it in terms of dependence: there is a desperation in faith, a sort of “I cannot live without this.”

There is also a tendency for “faith” to put and keep you in a healthy subordinate position.

Curiosity can elevate you, and make you believe that you are somehow better than others, or less in need of Help than you might think.

Though the difference is subtle, monitor the line between faith and curiosity as much as you can.