In just a few days, 2018 will become 2019 and you will embark on yet another year, with the requisite goals, and hopes and dreams.

You know that some—maybe even most—of these will remain undone. It’s been your struggle for a while now: you set goals and then “life happens” and you get distracted, and then your focus becomes diverted and what you intended to happen is still waiting come May, then August, then September.

At the essence of life, you need to remember that this is okay.

Life is more than accomplishments, more than achievements, more than your goals.

However, you also know, at a very deep level, that some of these goals are more than just “things to do”; they are actually calls and invitations to BE something else in the world.

Which is vocation.

That’s why you don’t just give up and quit writing them down. This is why you struggle with them each year.

So you put them on paper, and you do your best, and you make some progress. Most importantly, whether you accomplish them or not, there is growth in the striving, and so you say prayers of gratitude for the growth, and you keep on pushing.