Christmas, Day 2

To the degree that you can lean in to the natural rhythm of life (in this case, measured by the calendar year), you gain the opportunity for reflection and rest and re-consideration of your life.

You recognize the arrival of Emmanuel, “God-With-Us”, as a truly NEW thing (though not entirely divorced from the long, rich, salvation history of God), and in this short exhale before the launch of a new year, you can take some time to ponder how this “new-ness” affects you.

How will you partner with it? How will you express it in your own unique context, with your own unique giftedness?

As the world turns from Christmas to New Years, relish these days. Marinate in them, and allow your thoughts to drift into dangerous territory of new-ness.

What can you BEGIN to do in this next season?

What should you STOP doing?

What will you STAND for?

What kind of person will you BE?

What kinds of things will you MAKE?

Obviously, there are more questions than this, but these will surely get you started. The important thing is not to rush them: you don’t need to have an answer in an hour, or even in a day. Let the answers bubble up over time. But let them come.