How Deep Does Grace Go?

You will be constantly tempted to underestimate how deep grace actually goes.

It’s easy to believe that “grace” is some kind of theological or spiritual hocus-pocus magic trick that somehow gets God to love you.

But this shallow version of grace misses the abundant life that God really wants to give you. What’s more, it can create inside you this tension that even though God may have “let you in to heaven,” He still really doesn’t like you. That’s not really “unmerited favor”—the Biblical definition of grace—that’s some kind of qualified tolerance, like the Father has to grit his teeth and bear with a family of loud and misbehaving children.

It’s easy to to believe that “grace” is the mechanism that gives us the good things of life: family, friends, homes, paychecks.

But if that’s all grace is, you can start to believe that when those things are absent from your life—or when others do not possess them—that you are “in trouble” with God, or that He has overlooked certain people groups or parts of the world.

But God’s fundamental posture towards the world—and the people in it—is one of LOVE, brought about and infused by His essential unmerited favor… GRACE.

So how deep does grace actually go?

Grace goes so deep to say that God is present in every time and in every place.

In all circumstances. In all places. At all times.

And what does grace require of us?

Really not much, except gratitude.

And so the depth of grace really means that at all times—in good times and bad times—in success and adversity, our fundamental posture towards life and God should be one of humility and gratitude.


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