Don’t be afraid of your unique ways of connecting to God. We are all wired up differently.

Years ago Gary Thomas wrote a helpful little book called Sacred Pathways. In it he identified nine ways that people can experience and encounter God, including through study, through serving others, or through appreciating nature.

Life can be full of constant distractions, and when you are living like this it can be difficult to experience God. The difficulty is because one of the true things about God is that He is found IN THE MOMENT, and when your mind is going a hundred miles an hour about 20 different things, you really are NOT in the moment. You are far, far away, and God may be disparately trying to speak to you about what is going on RIGHT NOW.

However, when you are on your own unique pathway, there is often a moment where you can lose yourself and become TRULY present to the moment. Every moment and every activity collapses into THIS moment and THIS time, and you discover that your mind is simultaneously ultimately FOCUSED and ultimately OPEN to possibility, to the Spirit of God that is speaking.

Don’t be ashamed of your pathway, and don’t neglect it. The pathways is NOT God, but it is a tool and a roadmap to the place (and TIME) where God is.



One thought on “Moments

  1. This is so true, Eric about being present. Faith and experiencing God can only be done through being in the NOW. Mindfulness seems to get a bad rap, but mindfulness is all about being in the NOW.

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