Weekly Wonder, 8 Feb Edition

Never once in my life did I ask God for success or wisdom or power or fame. I asked for wonder, and he gave it to me. -Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

The short list of the thoughts, images, and words that opened my eyes a littler wider this week…

  1. Personal retreats of solitude.
  2.  Henri Nouwen’s book Life of the Beloved. On a whim, I took this with me on my retreat, and I ended up just living with these words for most of the time. His writing is simple, profound, and generous. God wants you to remember that, before, everything else, you are His beloved, His “good gift” to the world. “We were innocent before we started feeling guilty; we were in the light before we entered into darkness; we were at home before we started to search for a home. Deep in the recesses of our minds and hearts there lies hidden the treasure we seek.” Yeahhhhhhhhhh…. anyone else need to be reminded of that?
  3. Charles and Ray Eames (did anyone else not know they weren’t brothers, but a husband and wife?). I watched this documentary on the great American designers of the 20th century. Terrific insight into creativity and to “shipping.”
  4. Little hints that maybe just maybe, you’ve gotten one or two things right as a parent.
  5. Okay…. well, I’m still on my Britpop kick … I love songs that make me feel like just running down the street as fast as I can. “Mr. Brightside” is one of those, but I love, love this song by Stereophonics. (note: I can’t be responsible for any riots that start).  The other thing about this song is that, to my ears, it has 3 different choruses… who does that? 

Enjoy, and may you cultivate some wonder in your lives this week!


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