Holy Week, 2022

Hey all… wrote a little piece and thought I’d share it. Text is underneath the video.


There are deeper elements at work here—
A deeper magic than brokenness,
And shame,
And fear.

The magic is the story of wounds
Turned into wonder,
And failure into festival
And sadness into salutations.

The resurrection of the Christ,
In a way is not “new.”
It is simply the highest expression
Of what always was—
Of God’s love and design.
The way the world truly works.

It is new, in the sense
That is a man,
But it is only a continuation
Of what has always been—
The Deepest Magic in Creation,
The magic of Love.

Love drove the sacrifice,
Love accepted the nails,
Love surrendered,
Laid down heavenly strength
And silenced a supernatural summons
In order to be torn asunder
For the sake of the world.

Make no mistake,
All who would listen:
Love volunteered to submit
To folly, and to evil men—
But it was no father of mine
That did the killing,
No—it was my brothers,
Representing the worst of us
As we murdered the best of us.

But our Father?
He wept the tears that we did not
For the sake of love,
But for the cost of completing
A journey I could not make:
To give up Self,
And all its surroundings,
And instead call upon all
To offer up a totality of sacrifice,
With a face that demands nothing in return.

The choice was made for Creation,
And when I join with the earth
I find myself at the feet
Lain in emptiness
Offering words of gratitude
And supplication
And yet I know,
Even without thanks,

The Deed would still have been done.