Advent 2021.10 – Something New (That Happens Every Year)

So much of life seems like a cycle of unhealth. Violence begets violence; polarization begets polarization; resentments cause more resentments.

The wheel goes round and round, nothing really seems to change, and things to disintegrate and descend.

As W.B. Yeats wrote, “The center cannot hold.”

Only one thing seems to interrupt the cycle and bring a halt to the “begets and begots”…

… and that thing is grace.

Only grace—“unmerited favor”—seems to be able to press pause on the disintegration, the desire for revenge, the resentments that fester in our hearts.

As Bono wrote, “Grace… she travels outside of karma.”

And it’s my belief that God—this Great Mystery, this Great Love—is essentially a god of grace.

God’s core posture towards the world is one of unmerited favor; a sense of “I am for you.”

Grace didn’t begin with Jesus; grace began with God. Jesus was merely the fullest human expression of grace that the world has seen.

Grace in human skin; a language we could understand.

So today, may this advent be a reminder of a god of grace, and of His son Jesus, and of the gift of His Spirit in us.

Something new to interrupt our sad tendencies as humans.

A reminder every year.


2 thoughts on “Advent 2021.10 – Something New (That Happens Every Year)

  1. I have begun to get your blogs lately after a long time of not getting them.  I think I get some of what you are saying, but the language is, well, maybe a little too modern for a 65 year old.  I’m trying to hang in there with you, but, I am beginning to see that language barrier might be a real thing and I am moving to the other side of that barrier. Thank you for what you do.  I am still serving weekly at the Midlothian campus as the electric guitar player until someone else comes along.  I’ve never been a good player, but week by week, month by month, and year by year I have been serving as lead (kind of a joke) guitar player at PCC for the last 12 years.  God let me do something that was close to my heart even though I have no talent for it.  God made it work b/c he called me. Tonight we had rehearsal and your sister Beth was there.  I listened to her and just was blown away at her calling and her talent.  I didn’t have any business being on the same stage with her.  But, once again, God is letting me play with the cream of the crop. I remember you playing and leading worship at PCC years ago.  It was very inspiring to me and I trust that your ministry is fruitful, bringing many to Christ.  I get to be a part of something that is bringing a lot of people to Christ, ant that is all I want. Thank you for what you do, Walter

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