Daily Essentials

After prayer and meditation, there are three things that I consider non-negotiable and that I try to do each and every morning. 

  1. I write daily gratitudes, mostly a reflection of the previous day. What has God done for me, either over the past 24 hours or even in my life in general? 
  2. I choose, and write down, my intention for the day. What do I want to be throughout the day? How do I want to approach the coming 16-18 hours? 
  3. I write down my three biggest areas of focus and concentration. What are my three absolute priorities in my life? FYI, these are bigger than mere “goals”. These are more like the foundations from which everything else stems. 

I remember hearing a Navy seal refer to each day of his life (even after he was retired) as a “24 hour mission,” and staying clear on the “mission priorities” is essential for me. 


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