What You Signed Up For

Praying, “Your will be done,”

(Or “Thy will,” if you’re old school)

Can sometimes be easy… probably TOO easy.

But then you pause and reflect on what you’re REALLY signing up for.

Because the truth is I really, REALLY want my will to be done, most of the day, most every day.

And when my day doesn’t turn out perfectly, I usually have a strong—often negative—reaction to it.

… I get depressed, or angry, or resentful.

But as I think about it now, most (let’s be honest, virtually ALL) of that depression, anger, and resentment comes about because the word didn’t turn out the way I would have preferred.

So REALLY, my prayer is, in fact, “MY WILL BE DONE.”

That’s not healthy for me, nor is it what I TRULY desire, and I have to remember that:

a. Life is not about me-my comfort, my desires, my perspective
b. God either IS, or he is NOT
c. My job is FIRST to accept life on life’s terms, which means at least CONSIDERING the possibility that what might be happening to me, for better or for worse, might be God’s will for that day.
d. SECONDLY, my job is to ask—particularly in the face of challenging or disappointing circumstances—”God what should I be learning right now.”

That’s just for me. Signing on to “Thy will be done” is serious business. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. And I believe it’s the way to “true life” for me.


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