On Humility, Pt. 1

Humility is the “skeleton key” to spirituality. It opens the door to a journey of wonder, of transformation, of love and peace and contentment. 

I think that the reason that humility is so powerful is that humility seems to start with some version of “I don’t know.” 

At some level, it is a renunciation of our pride. 

We no longer have to have all the answers. We no longer have to be right. 

We can just “be,” and learn to know that being—with all of our imperfections and “lumps”—is enough. 

So maybe today can be a day when you begin to appropriate a little humility, not only towards God/the Universe, but also towards other people. 

(Which is infinitely harder to do, but bears just as much fruit as humility towards your Higher Power.) 

Release yourself from having the answers today. It’s a gift. 


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