Start With What You Know

In times like these (or in any time, really) it’s very easy to get caught up in everything that you don’t know or understand. 

Whether it’s an inability to gather face-to-face in a spiritual community right now, or what you think you “don’t know” about spirituality, or the Bible, or growth, focusing on our perceived LACK of things can be paralyzing. 

It’s usually better—or at least more productive—to begin with what you DO know: 

… You’re not perfect (and that’s okay)
… You’d like to grow
… You need help

If you can start with those things—which are all really about humility—it’s easy to become open and available for change. Your eyes get a little wider and your hearing gets a little sharper, and pretty soon you will start to notice opportunities for change and growth. For trust and honesty and service. 

Start today. Nothing is holding you back.