The Prayer I Pray

There’s the prayer I pray—the words you speak, the words that form on my lips…

Our Father, who exists everywhere, always
Keep your Name set apart and special
May your Kingdom come, and your will be done
In my life and in this world just as it is done in your presence

Give us today the things we need for today
And forgive our shortcomings as we forgive other people theirs

Please keep us from harm and times of trial
And deliver from us from Evil

The kingdom is yours, and yours is the power, and the glory
Forever and ever,

… and then, there’s the prayer I live.

My ego, who lives in me,
Keep my reputation intact.
MY agenda come true,
MY will come be imposed
On everyone, just like it is in my mind.

Give ME everything I want (and I mean EVERYTHING) forever and always
And strike down those who think I’m less than “all that”
And keep me oblivious to mown faults.

For I rule this world, I have the power
And I get the the glory.
Forever and ever.
(And I don’t care if anyone agrees with this or not.)

It was a wake up call when I realized that the two don’t match.