Yes, But How Can We Pray for YOU?

You are surrounded by a potentially overwhelming number of people and situations that can consume your attention and focus. 

As a member of a fatih community, many people come up to you and ask how they can pray for you, but when you respond it is very easy to describe the situation or person that is affecting you, rather than how you, yourself, need prayer. 

On one hand, there is nothing wrong this response: you begin in a sovereign Power that cares about the world and is involved in it. However, on the other hand, when you focus too much on how you can be praying for OTHER people and situations, it may be because you are subtlely trying to CONTROL others, rather than focusing on what God might be wanting to bring about in YOUR heart and life through the situation. 

When people offer to pray for you, before you answer, do the more difficult work of contemplating how the situation or person is affecting YOU. Think about how God may be wanting to change YOU through the situation.

Consider the fact that God is ALREADY infinitely more invested in that situation and person than you could ever be, and respond to the invitation to TRUST God. 


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