What Gratitude Gets You

Developing a habit of gratitude—literally writing down things you’re grateful for each day—is a key spiritual practice, but like many healthy practices it is tempting to abandon it. You can easily fool yourself into thinking that it’s not “doing” anything, or not affecting you.

But gratitude should be like breathing, in the sense that it should be natural to you, a part of your moment-to-moment existence. As you become more grateful, you are able to see that everything (and every person and situation) around you is a gift, an opportunity for celebration or for growth and learning. Your eyes open up to find goodness and joy in the smallest of circumstances, and even occasionally in the most painful of circumstances. 

Ultimately, gratitude cultivates humility—a sense of selflessness, a freedom to not have to consider yourself in the world. 

So keep it up; do not abandon it. 

(BTW, a “practice” of gratitude can be as simple as writing down three things you are grateful for each day.)


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