Ego and Craft

There are things you do and places and ways in which you serve that instantly resonate with people. Although thoughts like “craft” and “excellence” are often in play, one of the other reasons that people will instantly gravitate to you in these areas is because they are often devoid of EGO.

It is very easy to serve with an eye towards results, particularly results that involve human accolades and rewards. But sometimes there is an area of your life where, because of GRACE, you are able to separate yourself from the results, and just stand and serve in a sort of eternal flow and current.

You do, or say, the thing that you are meant to do, and are utterly unconcerned with getting anything back. Not in an egotistical way at all, but actually in a completely selfless way. In fact, practically all issues of “performance” melt away, and you are merely existing and reacting as Grace leads you.

The irony, or course, is that people naturally are drawn to this. Manipulation and performance surrounds us, and so when people (with eyes to see and ears to hear) experience an ego-less offering, it is like a breath of fresh air, a drink of cool water in an aridity.

Of course, you shouldn’t think of this too much, and you certainly shouldn’t let it affect your thinking and motivation.

Rather count yourself as blessed to be able to offer something to the world that people need and value.


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