10 Things My Mother Taught Me

I’m not going to speak for you: I can’t say what your mom taught you. But here’s what Margaret Vondelle Hearne Case taught me:

  1. It’s good to go to church (even better to be Methodist but hey I can’t do everything right).
  2. Try not to speak bad about anyone.
  3. Education is important; really important. So much so that you sacrifice—say your entire paycheck—so that you can send your son to a private university.
  4. Sometimes, cookies—in particular snicker doodles or peanut butter—do say, “I love you.”
  5. Even though it’s hard, you should never leave the room when your favorite team (in her case, University of North Carolina, the Steelers, or team USA in the Olympics) is in any championship.
  6. Always respect everyone regardless of culture or skin color. 
  7. Family is the most important thing.
  8. It’s never too late to heal and grow.
  9. Family dinners at home are really, really important.
  10. Never think too highly of yourself (I’m still working on this one)…

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


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