Some New Music: “The Stumble Sessions”

The Stumble Sessions

The Stumble Sessions

Hey all…

During my sabbatical earlier this year I decided to go into the studio with some good friends to document some songs and ideas that had been stirring and stewing in my soul for a while.

I’m putting the results on Bandcamp; you can click here to find them (hope you like them!)

A few are straight-up corporate worship songs. A few are ideas that are meaningful to me in other ways. At least one blurs the line; I leave it up to you to put them into categories if you’d like.

To me it’s just music that comes from a place inside me called, “Soul”.

I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have fun laying these down; they represent some guitar tones that a man my age should have no business toying with, but nonetheless it’s what was required, and I’ve never been known to say, “No” to a fuzz pedal.


Full-disclosure #1: I’m selling all of these for $4. But I sure would like to make more music (which costs money), so IF YOU’D LIKE TO SPEND MORE than $4, please feel free. Everything goes into the “Let’s-Make-More-Music” Category of our zero-based budget.

Full-disclosure #2: I would love to have these songs reach a bunch of people, if for no other reason than the sheer fun of having people hear it. So feel free to re-tweet/share/like etc.

Full-disclosure #3: Two of these songs will appear in a few weeks on my home church’s worship CD. I have to be honest.

Please enjoy the tunes either way.



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