Four Questions for Day 1

Well, it’s here, isn’t it.

Maybe 2012 was the best year of your life; maybe it was a disaster.

Either way, it’s gone.

This morning I enjoyed my ritual of opening my 2013 Moleskine (that’s mole-eh-SKEE-neh to you) and getting ready for the new year.

I love this part of the year, because no matter what happened during the previous 12 months, I get to start again.

Fresh dreams.

Fresh ideas.

As I enter this year (and a 3 month Sabbatical), I’m asking myself four simple questions; maybe they’ll help you too:

  1. How will I rest?
  2. What spiritual foundations do I need to build (or rebuild)?
  3. How can I better listen to God?
  4. What do I want to make?

I’m working on my own answers to these questions; I have some audacious plans that I’m not willing to unveil just yet.

But this isn’t about me; this is about you.

It’s Day 1. Start running. Start listening.



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