Holy Week :: Holy Saturday and Rock and Roll

I used to know you for a long, long time
I felt your heart beat inside mine

We were together for three good years
Now all I have is a blanket of tears

Stuck inside a Saturday rain
Scared things won’t ever be the same

So I’m waiting on love
Waiting on love
Waiting on love… to come back down

Walk resurrection,
Sing freedom songs
Tell all of your brothers and sisters…
Come along

I used to know you for a long, long time
I felt your heart beat inside mine

For any Maida Vale fans: A little insight into “Walk Resurrection”.

I wrote this song for Holy Saturday…

A place between grief and hope, between promise and fulfillment.

Between Jesus’ death and the promise of the Holy Spirit.

The song started out inspired by a cover of “Glad and Sorry” by Golden Smog (a midwestern Americana “super group” including Jeff Tweedy and members of the Jayhawks).

But we really, really struggled with the song, with trying to make it sound and feel like “Maida Vale.”

At one point it had ballooned into 60 recorded tracks of music, including African choirs, and multiple keyboard parts (in one moment of inspired lunacy, we actually did a remix!).

But we didn’t give up on the song. We deconstructed it and rebuilt it from the ground up, taking inspiration from the blues, White Stripes, and something more primal.

For the vocal/guitar session (simultaneous, absolutely live, and one take), I had actually never played the version before. I had a vision in my head, picked a tempo, and told the engineer to start recording.

Today: reflect a little while longer…

Tomorrow: Walk Resurrection. 

Walk Resurrection


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