Artful Living

I need some help here…

Do you think of yourself as “creative”?

Have you ever considered the fact that you are “creating” your life—actually that as believers we charged with creating a very particular, “gospel” life—in the same way that an artist creates, and that there are some valuable lessons that we can learn from the process of creativity? 

For a while I’ve been thinking about the connection between art and the “Christian life”, and to me the connections are interesting and profound. As followers of Jesus, we believe that the gospel isn’t just for getting into heaven, but has the capacity to radically change the world now. Similarly, many artists proclaim that “art changes the world.” Good art has ability to change the way you see the world (which actually changes the world, but that’s a quantum physics discussion for another time).

The gospel changes the world. Art changes the world.

We proclaim the gospel. We live the gospel.

Can we connect artistic practices with gospel living?

I have a hunch that we can, and in the process learn more about the gospel and become more creative as well.

What are your thoughts? Send ’em on…


4 thoughts on “Artful Living

  1. Just yesterday I was contemplating how I could use art to “change the world.” I’m praying that God will reveal to me what this looks like in my life. I think that the gospel is art. Life is art. The gospel-life therefore is…art! I can postulate this by simply looking at the reality of God as creator and us as his image. So, I’m interested to see what your research reveals because if God is the artist of life, faith, EVERYTHING, then our creative processes as his image-bearers would probably emulate him. Right..?

  2. it’s probably no shock that i believe that communication (an art in and of itself) makes this whole thing possible.

    art makes people ask questions. art makes people talk. when people talk about art, their paradigms can be strengthened, challenged, or completely overturned.

    i believe the same goes for the gospel. when attempted to be lived out with excellence (not unlike that of a precious work of art) the gospel can start conversations that can drastically change thought processes, lifestyle choices, and, consequently, people for the better.

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