Words from a Father…

I love, love, love chipotlé salsa, specifically this particular brand. (I’m pretty convinced that Jesus would’ve dipped his bread in it at the last supper, if Rick Bayless was in his posse.)

Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to find in Tallahassee. The only place I know for certain that has it is World Market. A few days ago we were right in the neighborhood, so me, Levi, and Emily popped in to get a jar.

On display at the cash register were these odd candy bars. They said, “No Girls Allowed” on them, very prominently.

Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out the significance of the branding, so I finally asked the cashier, “Why no girls allowed?”

“Oh because of how many calories! 350 calories! We wouldn’t want a girl to eat 350 calories, right?!?”

With my 13-year old daughter standing there, I was pretty horrified. Though childhood obesity is very troubling, body image issues hit home for me a bit harder. We work hard to make sure she doesn’t have to compare herself with other girls, to try and understand what it means to be “healthy” rather than “thin” (or whatever other adjective you care to describe).

Yet here is this company (and/or the cashier; I understand that there’s some debate about why the ad agency went with this tagline), in plain sight, throwing it right in our faces.

I couldn’t help but think of the young women in my life who have struggled with eating disorders in order to try and conform to the standards of a world that makes unrealistic, even evil demands from them. All of these beautiful daughters of God who struggle to love them the way the Father does, because of silly, “offhand” taglines of candy bars and random retail employees.

This morning, I was listening to a beautiful piece of music when the weight of this—and many more issues—all crashed down on me. I sat in my car and sobbed, weeping for the tragic brokenness of the world. Yet no one weeps more than God.

The west has found a gun / and it’s loaded with ‘unsure’

Nip and tuck if you have the bucks  // in a race to find a cure

Psalm one hundred and thirty-nine // is the conscience to our selfish crime,

God didn’t screw up when he made you … //

He’s a father who loves to parade you …

To the daughters out there, may you receive the blessing of a Father who wants to proudly parade you today, who is smiling because his little girl is wonderfully and beautifully made… perfect in every way.

(This is 7 minutes of excruciating, beautiful, powerful prayer through music… the lyrics above occur at 2:28)


9 thoughts on “Words from a Father…

  1. Eric, thank you so much. This really hit home to me, as a daughter of the Father, and also as a mother of a daughter. Body image issues are one of the biggest things I pray against for Kylin as she grows up. Body image issues don’t just encourage eating disorders and hating the way their body looks, but also sexual promiscuity. I’ve had to give that fear to God many times, and she’s only 18 months! You had me weeping from the beginning to the end. That you can’t even go into world market to escape this pressure the world has on girls. Your beautiful daughter is so special, and she seems to exude such confidence. I pray that she will always have that. Because she IS beautiful, inside and out (you can tell her I said that:). And that song was the perfect thing to get my day started. He does reign. The words, “our God reigns” will be stuck in my head all day. Thanks 🙂 and sorry for my soapbox haha.

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  3. What a precious reminder that we are daughters of the Most High King. Thank you, Pastor Eric, for sharing this heartfelt message for those who struggle. Em is so blessed to have a father who looks at her through the eyes of Jesus. She is a beautiful girl with a heart of love and I agree w/Ashley….she exudes such confidence…..which is a huge blessing and stems from parents who are “training her in the way she should go.” Blessings, friend. =)

  4. I am constantly amazed at how God continuously uses your words and music to remind me that I am God’s beloved daughter. For the past two hours I have been emotionally and mentally coping with being shattered by the harmful words and actions of an acquaintance. I deal with body image and self esteem issues constantly, always thinking that I need to be skinner or more beautiful; however, your story reminds me that this is Satan working through society. I pray that Satan will get behind me, and that God will lead me to the help and guidance that I need. I also continuously remind myself that God loves me unconditionally because he knit me perfectly together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone in this struggle! 🙂

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