Just this once (or twice, or more), I am smarter than CNN

All the rage lately has been around Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s “controversial” comment that, as a Latina, she would hope that she would be more able to render a wise decision than a white man.

In all the debate back and forth (“Is she racist or not …. oooooooooooh”), they’ve missed the obvious point…

… I think she probably could. 

What is lost — at least in the blabber that I’ve seen — is the fact that whereas ethnic minorities in the USAmerica need to be well-versed across different cultures, dominant culture folks (Hey: That’s “WHITE MALES”) just don’t have to educate themselves, cross-culturally. We are afforded the privileges of isolation (if we choose), and thus the privilege of narrow-mindedness. 

The lack of wisdom for us white folks doesn’t have nearly as high a price tag. If an ethnic minority isn’t wise in the ways of “The Man”, it can mean no loans, no jobs, no opportunity. 

As a Latina, I’m assume Judge Sotomayor actually has the ability to look at the world through at least two view points: that of her ethnic heritage, and also the wide culture in which succeeded.

Here’s hoping diversity happens in the highest court of the land.


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