From (eric writing):

Thought I’d give you all an update as to what we’ve been up to. In a sense, it’s been a quiet few months since April: Birmingham, Gainesville, Warehouse, etc.

But just because it’s been quiet doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been productive…

We’ve been laughing a lot.

Exploring space.

Throwing off some creative shackles.

Revisiting old friends.

Not only that, but we’ve been graduating, preparing for weddings, building houses, shipping off our children to other states, shipping off our parents(?) to other states, and in general trying to stay as cool as possible.

These activities — along with the requisite existential meltdowns — have comprised our spring and early summer.

We’ve been using this time to do as much creating as possible given the state of our collective lives. We’re enjoying the process, going down trails that prove to be rabbit holes, following our noses into the deep, preternatural forest then retreating, glad for the bread crumbs we’ve dropped along the way.

New | old colors and tools are beginning to find their way onto our pallet. Names like Marvin and T-Bone, Motown and Jagger/Richards are being referenced. Words and phrases like, “Use the 57”; “Neve”; “Warmer” and “Spirit” are finding their way into our lexicon.

I daresay, we’re making the most exciting music of our lives.

Who knows what will emerge from this cocoon, but I think we’re learning about each other, and we’re becoming better friends, artists, and pilgrims. Right now our plan is to release some of this music in the near future, but we’re not putting deadlines on this process; it’s too precious for that.

We are planning some live shows in August and September, and we think that we’ll all enjoy getting to know each other again.

In the meantime, feel free to continue to spread the word, hook folks up to MySpace and Twitter.

We promise to let you know when the cocoon opens…


Just this once (or twice, or more), I am smarter than CNN

All the rage lately has been around Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s “controversial” comment that, as a Latina, she would hope that she would be more able to render a wise decision than a white man.

In all the debate back and forth (“Is she racist or not …. oooooooooooh”), they’ve missed the obvious point…

… I think she probably could. 

What is lost — at least in the blabber that I’ve seen — is the fact that whereas ethnic minorities in the USAmerica need to be well-versed across different cultures, dominant culture folks (Hey: That’s “WHITE MALES”) just don’t have to educate themselves, cross-culturally. We are afforded the privileges of isolation (if we choose), and thus the privilege of narrow-mindedness. 

The lack of wisdom for us white folks doesn’t have nearly as high a price tag. If an ethnic minority isn’t wise in the ways of “The Man”, it can mean no loans, no jobs, no opportunity. 

As a Latina, I’m assume Judge Sotomayor actually has the ability to look at the world through at least two view points: that of her ethnic heritage, and also the wide culture in which succeeded.

Here’s hoping diversity happens in the highest court of the land.